Changing perceptions of finance

Finance is a topic that’s treated like a swear word, Lets change that perception, it’s too important!


In school we learn all about Chronozones, Pythagoras, Trigonometry and Shakespeare.   All topics that although they might be interesting , more often than not they are irrelevant and never used. Yet we neglect topics that every person is sure to encounter in his or her lifetime.  Topics like setting up a budget, paying tax, saving and basic financial terminology are swept under the carpet. We treat Finance like a swearword! Parents don’t talk to their children about money.  It’s for Grownups and they chase the kids out of the room. Couples steer away from this topic and even if they do decide to talk about it, it ends up in a fight. Friends would also prefer to stick to more irrelevant “interesting topics like the weekend game or the new make-up range.

The perception is that it’s: Boring, complex and a topic for ‘One -day’

We want to change that!

About Us

About Pj

PJ is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner.

His passion is anything in finance and working with people, a rare combination indeed.

If he could not pursue a job in Finance he probably would have tried his hand at his hobbies that is professional golfer or travel blogger.

He probably would have still lived with his parents. Biggest accomplishments are his wife and kid and he is a natural born optimist

About Geo

After school, Geo completed his and honours degree in Internal auditing, he soon however realised that this is not a career path he want to pursue. His love for finance and people, together with his positive outlook on life made a career in Wealth Management the perfect fit. Geo then completed his post graduate diploma in financial planning and obtained the CFP® designation.  He enjoys anything that makes him sweat and  takes him outside, including golf, running, cycling and hiking amongst other.  He’s and absolute foodie, loves to travel and enjoy a glass of good red wine.

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